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Our Story

More than Great Food

                              Come as a guest, but leave as part of our family.

We started Buona in 1977 to follow our passion of serving the community meals that we would typically make for our family and friends. We use some of the same recipes passed down from our parents and Nonna. The joy of waking up early on a Sunday morning with the aroma of meatballs cooking and sauce simmering is remembered fondly. The tradition of making homemade sauce (not gravy), meatballs, pasta fagioli among others is carried on at Buona. We learned the joy of cooking, serving and eating during our weekly Sunday dinners that often-included extended family and friends. May we all have a Zio Tino that has a regular seat at the dinner table with never-ending stories.

This tradition has turned into a daily occurrence at Buona as we have been blessed to become good friends with many of our customers. We enjoy getting to know our customers and their family and for them to know ours. On some Friday nights you may see our guest and friend Eric get up from the table to play the accordion and our founder, Rocky, singing Italian songs with some of our guests.


We have multiple generations working at Buona from our original owners and their family to our new owner and their young daughters carrying on the 47-year tradition of serving our community.  

If you can't make it to us - no problem - we'll come to you! Either way, we hope you enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoy serving it. Buon Appetito!

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When You Cook With Love, Others Will Taste The Love! Uncle Vinny Making Our House Dressing. 


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